Friday, 11 June 2010

Finding: Natalie

A still dazed gift-loving hand waving: Hi, guys!

The last post showed you some gift wraps, and this one will contribute even more! Today we'll be hearing from Natalie of nataliebonneyceramic and admiring her gorgeous pottery! Tip and gift in one, worth even making a TV ad if you're asking me! Without further !s, let me present to you Natalie:

  • Share a bit of your story, please.
I moved to Cornwall nine years ago from Kent, to do a course a Studio Ceramics BA at Falmouth College of Art and graduated in 2004. Pottery was kind of a second choice, originally I wanted to do a Fine Art BA but couldn't quite get my head around the point of making Fine Art! I didn't feel like I had anything important to say. I've since realised that my way of expressing myself is through textures, shapes and colours rather than commenting on 'issues'.

I've had a studio in Penryn ever since I left uni, but only really started to make properly 2 years ago, and have been a full time potter since last Christmas. For me my pottery has always been about confidence in myself! I see it as a reflection or recording of a moment in my life. I secretly believed in myself before, but have only recently come out as a potter! This is thanks mostly to my sister and my boyfriend's belief in me!! If enough people convince you something is possible then it is! Cheesy but true!

  • What place does art have in your everyday life? How do you manage to balance creativity and chores?
My pottery is something I eat, sleep and breathe! I want to make beautiful objects which are functional to enhance our everyday existence. I don't believe in sunday best, I want my pieces to be familiar, loved everyday objects.

I believe in hard work. Creativity for me comes from all those tedious chores! For me nothing satisfying comes from something easily achieved, which may well be the death of me!!! 
  • What is it that inspires you?
I have an eclectic source of inspiration from 'high' art ceramics, natural textures and shapes, to kitsch throw away plastic manufactured toys. I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to inspiration. I have a few boxes of 'precious' things I would ordinarily be too embarassed to share with anyone!! I also have a complete obsession with anything cute and round... especially round objects! I think this must be some sort of primeval maternal thing!!
  • What do you expect to happen to your Etsy store in the future? Where do you see yourself in one year?
I'm hoping my little Etsy shop will build up a little following and be a showcase for all my future projects, ideas and domestic pieces. A little insight into my world!
  • Any strategy to help you achieve your artistic goals? Would you share one tip with all new-born artists?
My strategy is mainly to work as hard as I can to make myself the best maker possible. I have pretty high expectations of how I want my work to look and ceramics is just about the most frustrating, demanding way of working. Not a week goes by when everything goes exactly to plan! From the excitement of a good batch of work to the soul destroying wayward kiln which nukes a body of work. I am a control freak and this way of working challenges me to the end of my tether quite frequently, so my advice to newbies would be to suck it in! Build a bridge. Get over it!! A good stoic belief that everything happens for a reason (disasters always have useful lessons or happy accidents!) and sense of humour are essential!
  • Sharing pictures:

Thank you, Natalie, you seem to have so much enthusiasm that you should definitely be invited to write for this blog more often! (one day I will rename it, it'll be something like "The Enthusiastic Blog" or "The ! Blog") Hopefully, my smart partner is keeping an eye on everything and I'm having fun while pocking the mud for some deep buried treasure! On Monday I thought I might share with you one of my poems, just so that you know I used to do other stuff before starting to keep this blog! Although not directly linked to Etsy, one day I'll become a master writer and then writing those godly product descriptions won't be a thing in front of what I've accomplished!

However, until then - a overly enthusiastic and not to seriously taking herself,

Bilyana :)

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